Social Media Management for Coffee Brand

About This Project

Istak is a start-up in the highly growing coffee business in one of the countries with the best coffee quality for ages. El Salvador has been awarded numerous times with the Cup of Excellence for their incredible weather and location conditions which allows them to grow one of the best coffees in the world. Although it’s a crazy fast-growing industry, competition is very intense, and the winner is the brand that tells the story. Istak came to us looking to communicate their essence effectively through social media and to help them prepare the brand to start exporting into bigger markets.


Defying the brand’s look and feel

We started by getting to know the client better, for the main reason that no one but him will be able to express better how the brand comes to life. After doing this, define the communication pillars that represented the brand and that also connected with the consumer. We brought them to life by applying them to content creation and, finally, we build a strategy for the positioning of the brand which is still an ongoing process.


A growing community

The new look and feel for Istak started to give trigger results immediately. The community has grown around 35% since the first day, reach grew 160%, engagement saw an increase of 11%, and there were 122% more clients visiting Istak’s profile. Now for the really important data, Istak was able to place their product in a new coffee shop, and their online sales grew by 200%, even expanding to new cities in their country.



Jorge Ávila
Istak Coffee Roaster


Social Media, Strategy
content creation, Design, social media