Content and eCommerce shop returned massive revenue growth

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About This Project

After the entire world closed down in 2020, the impact that eCommerce has had on all of our lives has been incredible. eCommerce is here to stay and continue to grow in all aspects of our lives as we change the way on how we shop for things. Besides COVID-19, eCommerce has allowed many people to enjoy starting their own business and create their own riches. Below you can see the stories of how eCommerce was able to change the life of many families, by investing in the eCommerce world with us


Ecommerce Entrepreneur Took Revenues From $8K to $96K per Month

Raw Generation was a small business started by a daughter and father who make raw, unpasteurized juice from fresh fruits and vegetables more convenient. They were starting a business from scratch and were not sure what they were doing. Started to sell on eCommerce platforms and had small to no success. It wasn’t until they got creative on how they wanted to rebrand their item, and advertising/marketing had to change as well. That was the first time they notice the increase of influence and increase in sales.


Having a great team of people that are dedicated to each individual area of eCommerce comes a long way to helping increase visibility and sales. Doing the research and knowing your audience can help tremendously in your approach to marketing your product on all platforms. 


With a great team, you discover the major lessons that will get you a long way on selling online. 

Major Lesson #1: if it isn’t selling, change it.  

Major Lesson #2: figure out your options


These two things will create the biggest difference, especially in the eCommerce world. These major lessons will make any brand or small company go from making a small number of sales to five/six-digit profits.


Raw Generation used the two major lessons to discover that the brand had to change, and the marketing had to change as well. When the decision to change things up to fit more of the marketing you’re in, will allow any company to also change its outcomes. Having the opportunity of figuring out options also can create the push any company needs to grow. Every E-tailer has its own customer base, when you figure out that base you advertise to the strengths of that retailer. 

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