Interactive website development for Advertising Agency

About This Project

Websites are the business cards for all major businesses. They should be carefully designed to glorified your services and products, to answer all your customer’s questions, and finally to reflect your brand’s personality. By being able to achieve this trifecta, your business will be able to turn a potential customer into an earned customer. Is your website reflecting your company’s strengths?


We Communicate, one of the most promising advertising agencies in Miami and Latin America, needed to reflect its full power in a website designed specifically for their needs. Our team was hired to guide them through an intense branding process to be able to conceptualize the perfect UX/UI for what became their main branding asset.



Helping the client rediscover his brand

Between everyday to-do lists, sometimes it’s difficult to take the time, gather the team and sit down to work on understanding your brand’s personality in depth. As part of the project, we held a session of meetings with the client to led them through a process of self-discovering where we were able to define the brand’s voice and personality by using Matters in-house branding frameworks, and in a record time of only 2 days.



Top of the line UX/UI

All hard work paid off. Matters team was able to design into reality a user-centered experience embedded into a website that sells from the first moment you enter the site. As a result, the client received a 30% increase in client’s quotation requests that resulted of using the website as a selling point.


“Nuestra experiencia con Matters ha sido excelente y lo más importante fácil; nuestro equipo fue guiado por todo el proceso de creación de nuestro site y nuestro objeto se cumplió con total satisfacción. Sin duda alguna seguiremos contratando nuestro proyectos de desarrollo con Matters.”

Mike Franco




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