Social Media Analytics for Government

About This Project

Social Listening is a relatively new tool for marketers. It tracks and listens to all conversations online (not only social media), and when we say all is *ALL*, from the smallest to the influencer one. This is key for strategies nowadays, and it should be the beginning and the end. Did you know that it takes only one bad review for a brand to lose credibility? How accurate is your Net Promoter Score? What’s your customer not telling you? It’s all about listening and acting accordingly to what our consumer is asking for.


Covid Emergency hitting hard on government services

At the beginning of the pandemic, the Ministry of Health and its allies needed to act fast and effectively, categorizing the most urgent complaints around the COVID Emergency and the citizen’s expectations on the Government tactics, before it turned into a brand crisis. called us to help them track online community conversations around the COVID Emergency and their expectations for the Government to act on.



Life-changing results

We tracked more than 100k conversations monthly, which we later analyzed and converted into effective tactics, whether it was to launch a new campaign pinpointing trending concerns or to reinforce medical assistance in a specific hospital. Time was precious and uncertainty high, by working shoulder to shoulder we managed to provide data to act on real problems with meaningful strategies.




Social Listening, Strategy
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