Ginger Beer Branding

About This Project

Gingerol invited us to taste the product before the launch and we fell in love immediately. It was such chemistry among us that we ended up creating their branding and now we’re leading their social media platforms.


Boosting the product’s potential

There are endless examples of great products that still need to pour a little more love into their branding. Often entrepreneurs are called to come up with MVP as fast as they can and make adjustments in the way, including design, branding, and other marketing assets. This was Gingerol’s case. Matters’ team fell in love with the potential of the brand since day one (and don’t get us to start talking about the ginger beer’s taste – refreshingggg!) so we build a custom-made process to help them give that twist the brand needed. The product had been launched already, we ought to work fast!



Brand, swag, and love

We managed to give a 180 degrees turn to Gingerol in a record time of 2 weeks, by the end of week one, we already had the winning logo with its final version. Then the swag came. This is the favorite part of the project for our team! We believe that the brand will be as impactful as its weakest swag! That’s why we pour our souls into deeply understanding the buyer persona’s lifestyle to make sure Gingerol’s brand will be there in the perfect moment.



Results with meaning

From the first day, Gingerol revealed the new brand, their social media floated with positive comments, the new design was kicking in and everyone noticed. The product was selling good and the new branding helped to close the deal. Engagement grew  100%, customers were much more eager to take their own pictures and publish it on Instagram, and Gingerol’s lifestyle was established.

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