Ecommerce Website development for Furniture Brand

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About This Project

Muebles Artecto is a Colombian Furniture Company with 20+ years in the market and very strong foundations shaped by their client base. They needed to start their digital transformation to comply with the new consumer and their online shopping behavior, their first step was to build their presentation card: a website.

Boosting the product’s potential

Artecto’s furniture designs were magnificent. We quickly understood that their webpage had to reflect their unique sense of style. We worked shoulder to shoulder with the brand’s manager to pick the right design, refresh all their product pictures, and select the correct information order to be displayed on their new website. The result speaks for itself!



There’s no restriction for a great team

When we started, our client wanted to have a proper eCommerce website but there was only one restriction, their product and stores were in Colombia, a difficult market for online shopping. Not a problem! We created a unique flow that would provide the client with quotations and bank account information to complete their payments. And to make it bulletproof, an easy-access WhatsApp integration was added to make sure no lead was lost in the process.



Results with meaning

The clients are more than happy with the result! This a 20-year-old company with a big reputation and clients to take care of. Every change requires an amount of courage to take the first step, Matters team provides confidence to the process through constant follow-up, transparent communication, and a proper Gantt Chart, so everyone knew where we were at. This is reflected in the customer’s satisfaction with the website flow, it feels natural! Leads grew in …. and sales climbed in a ….


“Nuestra experiencia con Matters ha sido excelente y lo más importante fácil; nuestro equipo fue guiado por todo el proceso de creación de nuestro site y nuestro objeto se cumplió con total satisfacción. Sin duda alguna seguiremos contratando nuestro proyectos de desarrollo con Matters.”

Mike Franco

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